Blockbuster Video - Anytown, USA

OK, do we you even need an example?. You know what I'm talking about. Overcharging, wacky late fees, putting Mom and Pop Video stores out of business, no porn, family versions of R-rated movies, what they want you to see, not what we want to. That's enough for me. Here's some folks stories. Please let us know you're know yours.

Jim from CT says:

I moved to a small town that had 2 small video stores and no franchises for anything, not even a Starbucks (thank goodness). Well low and behold, 2 months after I moved in, here comes a Blockbuster. Within 3 months, 1 of the Mom and Pops closed and the only reason the other one is still in business is that it has porn. - Pete from Orange County, NY

Robert from NYC says:

It's a Saturday at 4:00 pm. I just got a PS2, and wanted to try out some games. Went to the local Blockbuster to rent a few, and took them up to the counter. I asked for the instructions and was told that they were in the box. They weren't in the boxes I had, so the clerk said that someone must have taken them. I asked her to make me a copy from their master, and was told that they didn't have one. So after 15 more minutes of trying to find games with instructions, I went back to the counter. That will be $4.73 I was told. I gave them a $20, and she starts counting out quarters. I was dazed. Quarters. Don't you have any bills. No, was the reply. I said, it's almost dinnertime on Friday night, probably the busiest time for video rentals, and you have no paper money at all. That's right I was told. Well I don't want $15.25 in quarters back (that's 62 quarters for you math-challenged), so I said forget it. She told me she already rung it up and ran my card, that I couldn't cancel. I said, bullshit I can't. She had to call 3 damn people and it took another 20 minutes just to give me my $20 back. I told her while she was canceling my order, she could cancel my membership, cause I ain't ever coming back here again.

Peter from Orange County says:

Went to sign up for a membership at Blockbuster. They asked me for the usual: name, address, license, and credit card. Then they asked me for my Social Security number. I wigged out. No way am I giving that to you. Well that's your unique ID I was told. I told them that my phone number, my license, address, damn, everything I just gave you is my unique ID. I was told that I could not sign-up without giving it to them. I went into the whole spiel about identity theft etc, and said I wanted to talk to the manager. Some 17-year-old pimply-faced knucklehead says that that's company policy. I asked if everyone who is a member at this store gave their SS#, and was told yes. I couldn't believe it. I had 2 choices...Leave or give them my SS#. If my daughter didn't "have to see" Finding Nemo, I woulda been outta there. So I gave them a # - 111-11-1111.

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