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Places/People we are Mancotting

Date Started
Blockbuster Video Where aren't they You know From Day 1
DB Mart Croton, NY Overcharging January 2004
Friendly's Riverhead, NY Rules July 2003
Frontier Diner 593 3rd Ave, NYC Rudeness April 2002
Gothic Cabinet Craft Westchester NY Stupidity August 2002
NYC Chain Drug Stores NYC Various June 2004
NYC Generic Grocery Stores NYC Various June 2004
Sam Ash Music Stores All Surliness/Stupidity January 2004
Satay Malaysian Hoboken, NJ Cleanliness April 2004
Sierra Computer Games On-Line False Info June 2004
Table 50/Cornershop NYC False Advertising/Surliness August 2004
Tibetan Kitchen NYC Stupidity August 2002
Tip Cups Anytown USA Obnoxious March 2003
Valentines Day Everytown USA Overcharging February 2003

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