Table 50/Cornershop - 643 Broadway (corner of Bleecker Street), NYC

Anne From NYC says:

Seriously mancotting this place located at the corner of Bleecker and Broadway. Assholes into other assholes if you know what I mean. And eurotrash to boot. Despite all that (which given my address I live through everyday anyway) these guys gave me a steak salad that was not only missing the "roasted red peppers, onions and olives," It was missing the damn steak! They thought they'd compensate by covering the stubby pencil size strips with an entire bag of lettuce. After digging out the measly 3 strips, I called the waiter back to ask for my red peppers and onions. They took the salad back, (probably hocked a loogy into it) and after they returned it the manager came over to me to explain that "NEXT TIME I should KNOW that THAT's how THEY make the salad." Yeah, next time....


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