Sam Ash Music Stores - Various Locations

Dominick from NJ says:

Example #1
Location: ALL
Reason: Charging 19.99 for a cd that is being sold elsewhere for 13.99.

Example #2
Location: Manhattan
Reason: Unless you are coming into purchase over $10K worth of equipment the sales staff is unresponsive...(A little Pretensious). On one occassion I waited 20 minutes to find out information on a piece of equipment...on the 21st minute I went next door to Manny's. Another time once again equipment in question was only about $2k, so I became invisible again...when I re-appeared the sales guy gave some BS about periphiels needed, to maximize his sale (The extras weren't needed). Decided to leave and take my business and hard earned money elsewhere.

Example #3
Location: Edison, NJ
Reason: .:Customer Service-Where the hell is it???:.

Today or Yesterday or sometime within the last 24 Hrs...I went to my favorite store
Sam Ash to pick up a few things. Now as an up and coming producer I spend alot of time and money yearly in this store. I may not be P. Diddy or Dr. Dre but potential is exponetial (*At least I'd like to think) you think a brotha could get some assistance. I went in there to pick up a simple mic stand and a filter (I'm turning my room into a make shift studio). I know it's not $5000 worth of equipment but I don't care if I was spending $5 help a brotha out. You never know what a customer may have in mind...I could of been testing them. Well after waiting 5 minutes to no avail...I went to another department in search of help...Be careful of what you look for, you might get it. All this chick (Pardon the 'chick' thing...keep reading) did was say "Well the stands are on the floor and the filters are in the back". I could see that...but didn't bother to see if I had any questions about anything...the items are pretty self-explaintory, but where I work you never assume the simple is every easy for everyone. So I picked up the items myself (*Not bitter...yet). I walked up to the register and placed the items on the counter:

Check-out clerk: Can I help you? I hope I can help you?
Me:(What the phuck??? You HOPE you can help me...why phuck are you behind the register if you can't ring up items) Yes
Check-out clerk:Did you pick these items out yourself?
Me:Yes (I'm not phucking idiot if that's what you're implying)
Check-out clerk:Did someone write up your order?
Me:No they all seem busy(Don't you see that? No vision plan here huh?)
Check-out clerk:Oh...I can't ring you up
Me:(You're behind the have a scanner...look there are UPC codes on these items...I graduated from grade school...I think you can...shit I'll do it)
Check-out clerk:(Looks in the direction of one of the salespeople who denied my existance when I was looking for crap) *Calls the name of the saleperson* Can you write up his order?
Salesperson: No (Walks over to counter)
Check-out clerk:Come on (Whinning and shit)
Salesperson: I got to help this person over there or they will kill me.
Me:(Are you shitting me? Are they REALLY going to kill you? You know what if they got a problem...tell 'em come see me.)
Salesperson: Look I'll just give you my code and you can do it.
Check-out clerk:Oh I don't know (Whinning and shit)
Me:(For crying out loud)
(Salesperson leaves)...(Time passes...will you...shit I had to say that)
Check-out clerk:The system doesn't allow me to
Me:(I think a scow came across my face at that point...with the notion to put all the shit back, based on pure stupidity)
Check-out clerk:(Begins to scan items)
Me:(Must be a mircle..she can scan the items)
Check-out clerk:What is this? (refering to the mic stand...mic stands USUALLY come in 2 know the pole and the base)
Me:It's a mic stand (You work in a MUSIC store and you never seen a mic stand...still no vision plan huh?)
Me:(Watching her scan the pole and the base...thinking: I don't think she was suppose to scan both...I'm pretty sure the have the same SKU...pardon the SKU shit but I used to work in retail).
Check-out clerk:*Calls out name of manager*
(Manager comes over)
Me:(What now?)
Manager:What's up?
Check-out clerk:Which one am I suppose to scan? (Refering to the pole and base of mic stand)
Manager:Either one...they both have the same SKU
Me:(Isn't that what I said...o that's right that was in my head)
Check-out clerk:Oh ok that's what I did?
Manager:Alright(Then walks away)
Me:(You scanned both...I saw you do it)
Check-out clerk:Your total is:*Price included 2 mic stands*
Me:How much was the filter? (Giving her opprotunity to find her mistake without chewing her head off)
Check-out clerk:It was *Price of filter*
(I didn't mention but when she first scanned the filter I asked her the price because it wasn't on the package)
Me:(Will she catch her mistake...I might have to spell it out)...and the mic stand was?
Check-out clerk:OH!!! That's why I don't like ringing up items if they're not written up. (Took off one of the mic stands)
Me:(Just gimme my stuff man)
(As I'm walking away from the counter an employee wants to cash his check. Of course the check-out clerk gave him a hard time...then wanted to know how much the check was for...when I heard the amount...I cringed when I heard it *He must have the vision plan*...I hope they make wonder why service sucks.)
Me:(Walking towards the door where you have to have your receipt checked...and also where you can get a bag for your crap)
Manager:(Half way looking)Oh, you're ok.
Me:(The receipt is covered by a must have good ass eyes *Got the vision plan huh?*. So I kinda paused...cause I really wanted a bag for all this shit)
Bystander:I think he needs a bag(Looking at the manager bafoon)
Manager:oh yeah
Me:(What the phuck lady? I know, I'm suppose to walk outside...drop and break this shit and come back and buy some more.)Thank you :) (Kill 'em with kindness)

Needless to say I will not be returning to that damn store. I like the customer service at Guitar Center alot better. Everytime I go in there is one employee that is cool...I guess because he is one of a few black salespersons...and is happy to see young folk trying to do there thing with music. The Ash is on my shit's not the first time either...there was another store in NYC that really pissed me off...High falluting Bastards. If you weren't dropping 20 grand per month in there they weren't trying to help or answer any questions. I'll be sure to visit after my first deal...Make sure someone writes up everything I want...then just up and say: "Forget it" and leave. (Why wait until a deal?)


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