Gothic Cabinet Craft - Westchester, NY (but they have stores all over)

Alan from Croton, NY says:

Example #1 - The wife and I needed a basic TV cabinet and saw and ad in the local paper for Gothic Cabinet Craft. The store was only about 10 minutes from our house so we went. We picked out a nice unit and was told it would take 7 days to stain it and have it ready. Since we had to wait a week for it anyway, we had them add a shelf. Since our car was not big enough to pick it up, we paid the $30 for delivery, and was told it be delivered on the next Saturday between 12 and 5. The next Saturday arrives and we are invited to an afternoon BBQ so I tell my wife to go and I wait for the TV stand. It's 1:00, then 3:00, then 4:30, and no delivery. I'm being as patient as I can since it's still not 5:00. Well 5:00 then 5:30 and then 6:00 comes and still no delivery. I call the place, and of course, they are closed. I call them the next day and they do not apologize, they just say that they will reschdeule. I ask why no one called me to let me know it would not be delivered, and got the "Well the delivery is done by another company, so there is nothing that we can do." I explain that since I paid them, that I don't care. They are responsible for everything. I get nothing except an "It will be there next Saturday". I explain that I want it sooner and was told that weekday delivery cost extra. I told them I wasn't paying extra, since they screwed up. We got into a whole back and forth about this and finally resolved it by accepting the $30 delivery fee back, and they promised to deliver it next Saturday between 12 and 5. So I wait around, and about 3:30 it still wasn't delivered, so I called. They said that it didn't make the truck. When were you going to let me know I asked. They said they were just about to call me. Yeah right. Why couldn't you call me at noon, so I didn't have to spend 3 1/2 hours waiting? No response. I was gettin pissed so I handed the phone to my wife. She arranged for delivery that Tuesday eve. The unit finally shows up and it comes without the extra shelf we ordered. That was it. I called and let them have it, then I called my credit card company and stopped payment on the order but kept the unit. Haven't heard back from them since.


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