Friendly's - Riverhead, NY (but they have stores all over)

Alan from Croton, NY says:

Was on our way from Brooklyn to Southhold Long Island to a friend's summer house and the 4 of us stopped at Friendly's in Riverhead, NY. (It was the only place open at the time). None of us had ever been to a Friendly's before and figured the burger was a good choice, so we all ordered them. Mine medium with Cheddar, my wife's medium-rare with Swiss, you get the idea. The waitress told us that it's a New York State Law that all burgers are cooked well-done only. Huh, all 4 of us have lived in New York all our lives and that is the first time we've ever heard that. I'm a burger kinda guy and I've never been told I have to have it cooked one way or another. Freedom of choice, that's what separates us from .... Well you get the picture. We asked the waitress if she was putting us on, and she said she wasn't. I then asked if maybe it was a Friendly's only rule. Again, we got the "No, it's a NYS law". We were astonished. We got up and left immediately. No one is going to tell me how to have my burger cooked.


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