DB Mart - Croton, NY

Alan from Croton, NY says:

Example #1 - I used to go in there almost everyday. This is before I stopped smoking. They happen to have semi-cheap smokes. The same dude is working every time I go in, and this time I am $.05 short for my smokes. That's one thin nickel. I say, "Yo holmes, I'll hit you up with the nickel tomorrow". He says, "No, you don't have enough money you cannot buy them". Hey dude, I come in here every day, and buy the same damn pack of smokes from you. Here, and I push the money towards him, I'll give you the nickel tomorrow. Again he says that he cannot. What!! Your gonna lose a customer over a nickel. Nice.

Example #2 - So I give them another chance, because that's the kinda guy I am. There's a big sign out front "Corona - 6 Pack Bottles - $6.99". I go grab a six from the fridge, take it up to the counter, and the guy rings up $9.99. I say "Hey, the sign says $6.99". He says "That's not for a cold six pack, only warm." I say "What, the cold ones are $3.00 more, OK where are the warm ones." He goes " We don't have any". Huh, then why did you put them all in the fridge? The owner says we can charge more that's why. I take out a six and put it on the counter by the coffee and say "I'll be back in 20 minutes when their warm", and I split. I come back in 15, and ask where the six is, and I get a "Someone else bought it". Yikes!!!


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